Cosplay Anniversary For Two Members

Hello everyone!  I am The Walking Farnsworth.  You may have seen me at a Comic Con over the past year.  If not I sure hope to meet you at a future Convention.  As of yesterday I have officially been Cosplaying for a year.  Lydia Heartwell and myself attended our first Con in costume just over a year ago.  We attended the very first TOPCON in Topeka, Kansas.  While this was not the first Comic Con that we had attended, it was the first one that we decided to start Cosplaying at.  It was so much fun that we were hooked.  In a years time we have attended four more conventions and have created several new costumes.  We look forward to the continuing what we have started and developing new skills along the way.


The Walking Farnsworth

Lydia Heartwell as Mable Pines and The Walking Farnsworth as Dipper Pines at the first evr TOPCON in 2014.

Lydia Heartwell as Supergirl at TOPCON 2015.

The Walking Farnsworth as The Green Arrow at TOPCON 2015