Luna Flare



Hi there, My name is Luna Flare!


I'm just a small town girl with big city dreams!


I learned how to sew because I wanted to make twirly skirts and mermaid tails. My first real cosplay I ever put together was Sailor Moon. I had only used a sewing machine once before and only to do straight stitches. The white-blonde wig was one you wouldn't look twice at while it was still in the bag, and the fabric choices were laughably bad. Even though the pics of that costume will never see the light of day, I learned a lot about what it actually takes to put something like this together and realized how much work I would have to do to get better.


Needless to say, I've been hooked ever since.


As my crafting skills improved and the costumes became more elaborate, I entered the world of drag and cons. The first full blown convention I attended was Naka-kon 2012 once again as Sailor Moon (Sera Myu version) but thankfully with a better wig and kick-ass boots. Krisandra, Ruby and I had such a great time that even before we had left the convention, we immediately started planning costume ideas for next year.


It may be cheesy to think this, but my favorite part of cosplay is that I can use my skills to make these beloved characters come to life for me and for all the lovely people I meet. The fact that I get to do this with some of my best friends at Another Castle Creations is the sparkly icing on the cake.


I can't wait to share more sewing adventures with you!